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Coach: TBD / Venue: Estadio Hugo Viccei
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Sportivo Barracas Colón Matches Statistics

4 Wins
  • 4 Wins
  • 1 Draws
  • 1 Lost
In the 2021/2022 season, Sportivo Barracas Colón won 4 games (3 at home and 1 away). They lost 1 matches (0 at home and 1 away) and 1 matches ended in draws (0 at home and 1 away).

Sportivo Barracas Colón Goals Statistics

11 Scored
  • 11 Scored
  • 4 Conceded

In the 2021/2022 season Sportivo Barracas Colón scored 11 goals (9 home and 2 away). The team conceded 4 goals (1 at home and 3 while playing away).

Sportivo Barracas Colón Goals Distribution

Torneo Federal B - Pampeana Norte 2021/2022 Table

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Sportivo Barracas Colón Season Statistics

Ball Possesion Icon
Ball Possesion60.00%
Attacks Icon
Offsides Icon
Shots ON target Icon
Shots ON target5
Shots OFF target Icon
Shots OFF target13
Corners Icon
Yellow cards Icon
Yellow cards5
Red cards Icon
Red cards1
Avg. Player Rating Icon
Avg. Player Rating0
No top players data yet
Darío Alberto Palavecino
Argentina Defender
Cristian Roca
Argentina Defender
Daniel Antonio Pozzo
Argentina Midfielder
Eric Gabriel Palleros
Argentina Midfielder
Ezequiel Hazaña
Argentina Forward
Maximiliano Andrés Portillo
Argentina Forward

About Sportivo Barracas Colón

Sportivo Barracas Colón plays in Argentina's Torneo Federal B - Pampeana Norte 2021/2022. You can check Sportivo Barracas Colón live scores on ScoreAxis, along with other information about the team: Sportivo Barracas Colón top players, including top goal scorers or the full squad for the 2021/2022 season. The team is managed by TBD and their home ground is Estadio Hugo Viccei. Sportivo Barracas Colón match schedule featuring upcoming or past fixtures is also available and you should be able to watch video highlights for most of the fixtures in the list.

When is the next fixture for Sportivo Barracas Colón?

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Sportivo Barracas Colón Season Review 2021/2022

In the current season, Sportivo Barracas Colón played a total of 6 matches in the Torneo Federal B - Pampeana Norte 2021/2022, winning 4 and losing 1, while 1 matches ended in draws. The team scored 11 goals and conceded 4.

In terms of attacking, Sportivo Barracas Colón players shot on goal 5 times, while 13 shots went off target. They also managed to get 9 corners and were caught in offside 0 times. The team received 5 yellow cards and 1 red cards this season from a total number of 0 committed fouls.