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New Version!

We have launched a new and better (we hope) version of the Live Match Widget. It has many more customization options and also different languages. If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us! For people who want to use our old widget, here’s the link to the old one, which is also functional.

Widget Translations

If you spot some errors in the translations or you want the widget in a different language, please contact us.

Available languages:

Hungarian – many thanks to Daniel from
Indonesian – translation by Angga Artupas

Live Match Widget FAQ

How to find a match

Because some teams from different leagues have the same name, using the search function can be tricky.

Searching by match:
The correct way to search for a specific match is to enter the team names. Example: “Chelsea vs Liverpool” or “Chelsea Liverpool“.

Searching by name:
If you search for “Liverpool” only, you will get more than one team. It is better to search for a team name and country, like “Liverpool England“, if you need matches played by FC Liverpool.

Always use a team name while searching. If you only input “Premier League“, you will get mixed results, since more than one league from our database is called “Premier League”.

Liverpool FC matches from the current season can be found by searching “Liverpool England” (best match) or “Liverpool Premier” (second best match).

Is the widget free to use?


How many matches do you show, per team?

We only show matches from the current season. Sometimes, it may be possible to get one extra match from the past season.

Does the widget provide live matches?

Yes! For every match that is upcoming, the widget will start to update when the match kicks off.

Is the widget mobile responsive?

Yes. The widget is 100% mobile responsive.

I want to report a bug or to propose a feature

You can always contact us if you’ve found a bug or if you are thinking about improvements to the widget data.

Are there any conflicts between the widget and any specific CMS (WordPress etc)?

So far, we’ve tested the widget on different popular CMS platforms and found no issues. However, if you have problems, please tell us and try to be specific (CMS platform, theme, type of error).