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Friendly International Statistics (2024)

Portugal Team Logo
Most Goals13 Portugal
Malta Team Logo
Most Goals Conceded11 Malta
Iceland Team Logo
Most Cleansheets3 Iceland
Germany Team Logo
Most Corners35 Germany

Scoring Minutes



YellowYellow Icontotal / avg509 / 2.16
RedRed Icontotal / avg11 / 0.05
YellowRedYellowRed Icontotal / avg9 / 0.04

Friendly International Top Players

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World Friendly International season 2024

There are 169 teams competing in World's Friendly International and 247 matches in this season, out of which 236 are already played as of June 20 2024.


Overall, 610 goals were scored (average 2.58 per match). The team which scored the most goals so far is Portugal - 13 goals.


So far, the team with the most conceded goals is Malta (11 conceded goals) while Iceland is the club with the best clean sheets record (3). Hákon Rafn Valdimarsson is the goalkeeper who gets the record for most clean sheets (3).


The number of yellow cards shown so far in Friendly International is 509, which makes an average of 2.16 yellow cards per match. Red cards count is 11 (0.05 per match) while yellow-red cards were shown 9 times, an average of 0.04 per match.

All these statistics are updated after each round on and you can also check Friendly International live scores, updated each minute when matches are live.