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About the Free Football Tables Widget

You can use this widget to embed over 100 football league tables on your site, for free. There are also many customization options so you can easily implement the widget on almost any page template/design. Feel free to play around with the options and also read below to understand what are the best options.

How To Use the Free Football Tables Widget

The best way to use the widget is to leave Width and Height on default options. That means setting the Width to “Responsive”, while the Height will be auto generated, depending on the number of teams in the table league.

Important Info – if for some reason the Height of the widget doesn’t change automatically, you can change the value directly in the embed code (generated code). Simply change the values to whatever you need and the widget will work just fine.

Elements of the Constructor Page

We tried to make the customization process as simple as possible. The options are intuitive: click and change any value you want, there’s no danger. If you are not happy and don’t know how to get back, simply hit the Refresh button on your browser and start again. We will explain below a few elements of the constructor page that might be not very clear for everyone.

Languages – The widget is available on the following languages: English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. For Arabic and Hebrew there’s also a right-to-left alignment. Team and League names are kept original for obvious reasons.

Home/Away tabs – Home and Away league tables are provided as an extra info. They are not official standings. You can choose to embed them or not.

Remove lines – When checked, this option will remove the lines inside the table, while keeping the table border. If you want to get rid of all borders, you should set the Table Borders color to your background color (i.e. if you background is white, change it to white).

Having issues?

Please contact us if you are having problems using our widgets. We are here to help you!